Tuesday, December 11, 2007

halfway there

I'm done with spanish, and as of 12 minutes ago, history. All that's left is theology (ugh, my hand is going to hate me when I finish that one . . .) and geology (which won't be easy, but I have Wednesday and Thursday to study for it and it's pretty simple stuff to study. Plus, it's actually pretty interesting). And then I'm done! The end is so close. Right now, I'm going to study for theology and sell my history textbooks because I don't want to see them for one more second.

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Whitney said...

it's after 3pm (seattle time) on wednesday, and your blog states that you are yet "halfway there." if you are STILL taking your theology exam at this point, your hand more than hates you... it has surely seceded completely!
we are looking forward to seeing you soon! don't forget to pack any scraps of washable yarn you are willing to donate to the dolly fund! =0)
luv ya!