Thursday, May 22, 2008

be jackson pollock

check it out.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

one more day

Tomorrow is my last day of class. I can't believe that I am one week away from being done with my first year of college.

On another note, I never knew how beautiful Calvin could be until this spring. All of these trees that I thought were ordinary, leafless and boring in the winter have blossomed. There are purple, pink and white blossoms floating everywhere now. And the tulips. Ah, the tulips. West Michigan can do tulips. Campus is glorious wherever you look. Unfortunately, all this blossoming and warmth makes me ready to skedaddle and go back to California for the summer. I'm almost there. Just finals and packing. It sounds so simple.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

registration season

It's registration time! Oh boy! This is the third semester in a row that I have had last pick at classes. I had six classes lined up this morning, and I got into one of them. Grr. Ah well. I went to the registrar and I got into some other classes. At least everything I am taking counts for my major, minor, or core.

I am taking:
ENG 312. American Literature III: World War II to present.
I am excited about this class. The professor is supposed to be excellent and it's an area that I haven't studied at all but I have always been meaning to.
ENG 322. Modern Drama.
I have to take this for an elective, and I am a little bummed out about it, because I didn't want to use my English electives on this, but that's what it came down to.
BUS 160. Intro to Business.
This is fairly self-explanatory. I need it for my minor, and I hear it's a fun class with the professor I got.
POLS 207. Introduction to International Relations.
This class I picked up last minute because it fit my schedule and it was either this, or taking a night class on Judaism. Amazingly, they both fulfill the same requirement. But I thought it could be an interesting and useful class, and I had been thinking of taking an International Development class to get some experience in this field anyway.
SPAN 201.
Oh joy.
IDIS 110. Foundations of Information Technology.
A required computer class. But I got one of the better professors who doesn't sound awful.

All in all, I am looking forward to next semester. I wish I had been able to fit in a PE class, but not a single one fit in my schedule. Except for one, and it was closed long before I got to register. Ah well, I think I will try to take PE over Interim instead.

And one odd thing that I have noticed is that I misspell "professor" all the time because I am so used to writing it in Spanish, where there is no double "s". I am so ready for a class-free summer.