Thursday, May 1, 2008

registration season

It's registration time! Oh boy! This is the third semester in a row that I have had last pick at classes. I had six classes lined up this morning, and I got into one of them. Grr. Ah well. I went to the registrar and I got into some other classes. At least everything I am taking counts for my major, minor, or core.

I am taking:
ENG 312. American Literature III: World War II to present.
I am excited about this class. The professor is supposed to be excellent and it's an area that I haven't studied at all but I have always been meaning to.
ENG 322. Modern Drama.
I have to take this for an elective, and I am a little bummed out about it, because I didn't want to use my English electives on this, but that's what it came down to.
BUS 160. Intro to Business.
This is fairly self-explanatory. I need it for my minor, and I hear it's a fun class with the professor I got.
POLS 207. Introduction to International Relations.
This class I picked up last minute because it fit my schedule and it was either this, or taking a night class on Judaism. Amazingly, they both fulfill the same requirement. But I thought it could be an interesting and useful class, and I had been thinking of taking an International Development class to get some experience in this field anyway.
SPAN 201.
Oh joy.
IDIS 110. Foundations of Information Technology.
A required computer class. But I got one of the better professors who doesn't sound awful.

All in all, I am looking forward to next semester. I wish I had been able to fit in a PE class, but not a single one fit in my schedule. Except for one, and it was closed long before I got to register. Ah well, I think I will try to take PE over Interim instead.

And one odd thing that I have noticed is that I misspell "professor" all the time because I am so used to writing it in Spanish, where there is no double "s". I am so ready for a class-free summer.

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profesor... soccar... vacacion... restaurante...
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