Sunday, February 10, 2008


This past week was homecoming at Calvin, and I was out doing something nearly every day. Monday night was Calvin Improv, which is always a riot. Thursday night, I went to CTC's (Calvin Theater Company) production of Alice in Wonderland, which was an interesting show. It was good, but a little hard to describe. Much of the story was told through mime, so it was not your everyday, traditional play. I did enjoy it, though. Friday afternoon was the seminary pond jump, which I did. They cut a hole in the ice, and about 150-200 people jump in. The jump wasn't the worst part--the worst was how everyone had to stand barefoot on ice or in ice water (depending on what your position in line was) for 25 minutes. And afterwards, I realized that the ice was surprisingly sharp, and I have cuts all over my arms and legs from it. Friday night was Airband, which is a lip-syncing competition. People put together all kinds of groups for it. There were all kinds of things, such as a Hairspray dance, various hip-hop things, a tribute to classic rock via Guitar Hero (including songs by Boston and the Scorpions), and everyone's favorite, Nschmuck, who did 'Nsync and Backstreet Boys songs, with pretty good dance routines to go along.

All in all, it's been a busy few days. And now I have to spend my weekend getting caught up on homework. Fortunately, I'm really enjoying my classes, so homework isn't too bad of a thing. I even think my math class is interesting. Which is pretty amazing.


Whitney said...

you jumped into a frozen pond?!?
(cue a weeping bulldog briscoe)
::sniff, sniff::
i am SO proud of you, man!

Aubrey said...

I can't believe you jumped! Well, actually, I can. Are you going for the Golden Towel?