Monday, March 10, 2008

a stroll downtown

I'm finally on Spring Break! And I'm spending it in D.C. with my aunt and uncle. Yesterday, Uncle Dan, Aunt Marti and I went to Monticello. I was surprised at how small it was in person. Monticello is only 21 rooms, and even though it sits on 5000 acres, it just is not that large of a house. But it was a beautiful place.

Today, I walked along Pennsylvania downtown and saw a few sights.


Mayor of Michael Delving said...

That's great you can spend some time with Dan and Marti. Say 'Hi' for Michael Delving.

Aubrey said...

Hey now, I'm sure Monticello was pretty pimp back in the day.

Amazed said...

I love the photo with fence bars in front of the White House. This picture is a good visual analogy that gives a perspective on how a libertarian might view the current occupant of that residence.