Tuesday, July 22, 2008

bus reading material

Lately, I've been spending a good deal of time riding buses (with destinations in mind, I don't just ride buses for the sake of riding them). And part of it means that I have books I like to read on the bus. Preferably paperback, because I do have to carry it around with me. I started rereading Harry Potter, but I stopped taking it with me on the bus after the third book because they got too heavy. And today, I finished Life of Pi. It was phenomenal. I had been meaning to read it for a few years now, but I finally bought the book when I met Yann Martel and this summer gave me the chance to read it. It is an odd book about zoology and religion and all kinds of things. But mainly, Life of Pi is a quirky, enjoyable, while still thought-provoking read and I highly recommend it.

Next up: The Time Traveller's Wife.


Hobbit Wife said...

i thought the time traveler's wife was quite disappointing. it reminded me of the romantic fiction written by my eighteen year-old, boyfriendless high school classmates, the ones who saw "titanic" on the big screen 25 times and taped posters of leonardo dicaprio above their daybeds. granted, i never finished the book, and i probably should before i dissuade others. but about fifty pages from the end, i felt like i was coping with a sub par dessert at an expensive restaurant.
tim and i are on an ian mcewan kick and enjoying it thoroughly. we've only read a couple of his novels, but his ability to turn a phrase is awe-inspiring. highly recommended!

Mayor of Michael Delving said...

I agree with Whitney - you need to read Ian McEwan. If you aspire to writing fiction, McEwan is so good, he will make you want to give up because you cannot hope to come close. He is the Chuck Norris of modern novelists.

meredith said...

update this, yo.