Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"only a life of mistakes"

I just started reading Middlemarch for my British Literature class. So far, I like it, but the Prelude is offensive to all Teresas, especially to ones named specifically after St. Teresa of Avila, like myself. I realize that Eliot is speaking about those who are like St. Teresa, and not necessarily those that are named after her. However, just because I am in the slim minority that actually falls into that category does not mean Eliot can debase my name willy-nilly. Read and decide it for yourself http://www.readprint.com/chapter-4401/Middlemarch-George-Eliot.

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Hobbit Wife said...

at the risk of shocking english majors and frasier fans everywhere, i thought middlemarch was an inexcusable snore. thank you for giving me yet another reason to dislike it. =0)