Thursday, November 1, 2007

halloween=fun. registration=not fun.

Yesterday, I celebrated Halloween for the first time ever. I didn't put much effort into my costume, I just put Christmas socks on my ears and went as Dobby. But I went trick-or-treating around my dorm, and I got quite a bit of candy--and I got some vitamins from people who didn't have candy. It was very fun.

I registered for classes today. Well, not exactly. My friend Aubrey registered me because my time to register was during my geology lab. I only got into one first choice class (Spanish 102 woot woot). I also got into my second choice English 101 class. But I couldn't get into any math or philosophy classes. So I got into a math I know I will hate and fail. Something exciting though, I petitioned to get into Kevin Corcoran's philosophy class (recommended by everyone that has taken him and the one and only Andrew Bailey). A junior in my geology class told me to email the professor directly when I petition for a closed course. So I wrote him an email, and he wrote me back to say that he'd love to have me in his class and he'll do what he can to let me take it. So hopefully, I'll be taking that.

And I'm 18 today. How exciting is that?

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