Sunday, October 28, 2007

extra little miscellaneous tidbits and snippets

This has been a very busy week. During Academic Advising, I spent extensive time at the library, doing homework in general, and at the end of it, Meredith and I rearranged our room. We went from thisto this (and no matter what I do, I can't get this picture to flip on blogspot).So far, we are quite happy with the setup. Eventually, we'd like to get a futon, but every futon store we visited had gone out of business. Really, though, why does Michigan's economy have to suck right now?

Friday night, I went to the Forest of Fear (it's like an outdoor haunted house) with my dorm. It was very fun, and not too scary, so I enjoyed it. I jumped several times, but it wasn't too bad. I was actually in the front of the group, and I thought that the front would be the worst place to be, but actually, the actors always targeted the people in the middle of the group. I'm sure you can imagine my relief. Once we got back, we went to the masquerade ball, which was also quite fun. I went as Mrs. Hamburglar. The good thing about going as something unusual is that no one else as the same concept. There were quite a few pirates, fairies, cowgirls, and Jack Sparrows. And I didn't have to buy anything for my costume, I found the whole thing in my closet. That's the way to do halloween.

On another note, I can't wait till I can reduce my meal plan to just 10 meals a week in the dining hall. I like to go there for dinner, but I always seem to forget to go at other times. Besides, I much prefer to just eat in the coffee kitchen or my room. And I always feel guilty for wasting meals on my plan.

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Whitney said...

happy birthday to you!
you're casino-legal, too!
don't you dare think of smoking!
happy birthday to you!
we love you, auntie sexist!