Wednesday, October 10, 2007

no autumn for teresa

So apparently, Grand Rapids has no autumn season. As of Monday, the temperatures were around 89-92 degrees with full humidity. This morning, however, the temperature was right around 41, with a high of about 47. I've never experienced such a dramatic drop in temperature, from it being too hot to see straight, to bundling up and regretting wearing flip-flops outside. Pretty soon, it'll be snowing. I can't wait, but I almost miss not having fall. The trees are losing their leaves like crazy, but the temperature swing has been too dramatic, so most leaves haven't changed color much. It's sad, but anything is better than that disgusting summer weather we were having.


Mayor of Michael Delving said...

That's OK - if you had gone to UW, you would be compaining about the lack of a summer. We basically went from a long spring into some warms spells, then straight into fall.

Sarah said...

well...not to complain, but it seems like all we get is summer. Spring, fall, and winter all sound good to me...anything but summer!

Whitney said...

i mourn for you. truly.
i've decided to make this autumn extravagantly enjoyed at michael delving, and it's been such fun now that boookie is old enough to appreciate things like coloured leaves and acorns. we've filled the kitchen with fall flowers and squash and potatoes; roasted pumpkin seeds; baked apple crisps; and made muggle pumpkin juice (i say "muggle" because it was the slowest, most ridiculous recipe you've ever tried. i will never attempt it again without either a wand or a house elf.) the sunsets are cloudy and wildly coloured and smell of that wood smoke-scented crispness which demands snuggly socks and a knitting project. they remind me of the evening you, mumsie, and i sat knitting on her bed with matthew and tim spralled at our feet, all watching episode after episode of "friends."
we must do that again!